How to Create a Memorable Business Name

business name ideas

The popular phrase “What’s in a name” really doesn’t work when it comes to business. Business names are tremendously crucial as they are the first impression that the client gets before making a deal. A name can participate in making or breaking the business itself. A catchy, memorable name goes a long way and at the same time it works in spreading the word about your business more easily. There are multiple aspects one should consider before deciding on a name for the company. Here are some prime aspects to think about:

  • Knowing yourself is important:

Before deciding on a business name it is very important to have a clear idea about the product goals because a name should be able to define the product it is representing.

  • Common words go a long way:

One might feel the necessity to use complex names in order to make it popular but the fact is the common words are catchier by nature and that is why they get spread easily. Having common words for the brand name has other facilities too. It helps create an innovative brand image associated with the name.

  • Rhyming: This has been proven scientifically that rhyming words stay longer in our memory. So deciding on a brand name that rhymes gives people the upper hand of creating an easier impression on the listener’s mind and leaving the footprint thereafter. This can be extremely positive for the company.
  • Use of hard consonants at the beginning:

According to different studies words that begin with hard consonants sounds like t, k, p etc are stays longer in the mind. On the other hand words with vowel sounds or softer consonant sounds are comparatively fragile in making an impression. A brand name helps one perceive the gender of the brand as well. Choosing the brand name affects this perception as well.

  • Onomatopoeia:

Although the word is comparatively difficult one the concept is pretty lucid and simple. It refers to words that sound in the way they are represented through written words. Twitter, crack, pop are some examples. Using this tool effects the brand name in making it more memorable because these words can be pronounced easily and leave a stronger mark on the memory.

  • Weird Spellings:

According to studies, use of weird spellings can help make the name memorable. This particular aspect is trending heavily these days. There are loads of URL names that use this technique in order to create a memorable name and make it easy to find. Flickr, Digg are few such examples.

  • Wordplay: Making a play on the name or taking the help of pun also helps in making the name memorable. Even if for wrong reasons this becomes memorable for being catchy and unusual.
  • Avoid descriptive names:

Giving a hint about what you do is necessary. However, revealing it all through the name tends to be monotonous. That is why; one needs to be careful while using terms that can describe their product a far way too much.

  • Careful while using surname:

It is the general tendency among people to make a tail of the brand name with their own surname afterwards. However, that might not be the best decision for the name of the brand. True, there are some amazing examples of some old companies which are hugely popular only by using their surname for the brand. But this is an old practice and does not sound cool anymore.

Choosing the perfect name for the company may be a really hard job to begin with. That is why one needs to think million times before deciding on something.