Why do you require a financial advisor?

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Truth be told, we loathe spending money on matters we think we can handle on our own. Is that how you feel when it comes to investing? Why should you give your hard-earned money to a financial advisor when you have been managing your expenses wisely and saving some money for retirement? We will tell you why.

Just like you cannot fix your air conditioner or repair your own car, you cannot take care of your investments as efficiently as a professional. Investment is not only about managing your daily expenses and saving a portion of your salary for old age. Investment can be the key to high returns, a secure future, and economic stability. So, you need a professional who has experience and knowledge in the field.

Who is a Financial Advisor?

In simple words, a Financial Advisor is a person who gives a wide range of financial services. They often need to take training for being qualified to offer such services:

  • Registered Investment Advisor- RIAs manage valuable assets of eminent, rich people. They also work for banks and insurance agencies.
  • Certified Public Accountant- These people qualify a difficult exam to become a CPA and help us with business services, taxes, and accounting.
  • Certified Financial Planner- A CPF is a certified advisor with expertise in insurance, retirement planning, and estate management.
  • Personal Finance Specialist- CPAs who pass several exams and have extensive experience and education become PFS. A PFS is the right person to consult regarding financial planning.
  • Certified Financial Analyst– These are advisors who have passed three tests and have at least 3 years of experience. They mainly deal with stock analysis for mutual funds, banks, and big institutions.

How will a financial advisor simplify your life?

Now that you have understood what tasks an advisor perform, here are some reasons why hiring a financial advisor will prove beneficial for you:

  • Helps you invest wisely- We have already explained that a financial advisor knows his job, has experience and knowledge, and will make it easier for you to decide where you need to invest money for high returns.
  • Saves your time- One of the biggest reason behind hiring a financial advisor is to save time and lessen stress. You do not have to learn tax laws, study about the real estate or stock market, and plan monthly and yearly budgets.
  • Offers a variety of other services- A financial advisor does not just tell you where to invest money but also offers multiple other services. From rebalancing all your investments to manage tax payment, from chalking out spending strategies for you to building your wealth through estate planning- he will help you in all monetary matters.


We may conclude by saying that the right financial advisor can guarantee you a bright financial future. So, it is essential to take time to research before appointing someone. You can rely on family or friends to recommend you names of their financial advisors. Browsing online is another way of the choosing the right person to handle your investments.