How to Motivate the Employees without Money

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Motivation is the driving force that helps boosting up the employees. The more they will feel motivated on an everyday basis, the bigger chances there are for better productivity, stronger work culture and many more other advantages. However, it is the general notion among people that motivation comes only in a package with money. This is nothing but misleading information for money doesn’t motivate people at all. There are other factors that are responsible in boosting up the employees to work harder. Being aware of these factors helps create a healthy and efficient work culture and also saves a lot of money spending to motivate people. These are tricks which helps motivating people:

Compliment often:

This might sound so simple yet it works best to boost up someone to work harder. The general tendency among people is to get acknowledged for their efforts. By complimenting the employees now and then the employer can boost up their confidence and encourage them to work harder in future. Simple notes saying thank you or an applause during a board meeting should do the trick.

Healthy competitions go a long way:

Another beautiful yet free way to encourage people might be through organizing programs where there might be space for a healthy competition. Giving awards to the employee of the month or the week, praising them openly before other employees may help creating an atmosphere of healthy competition. This has been proven to be extremely encouraging for other employees of the office.


Every person has the hidden leader inside them. People like to make decisions on their own. That is why; another way of motivating them might be through giving them a certain amount of freedom in some respect. It might not be always big. Even making someone a coordinator for a conference motivates that person to perform well in future endeavors.

Pointing out the purpose of the work:

We all want to stay connected with something that is bigger by nature. It gives people a sense of purpose while working. So, pointing out the purpose of their work might be really helpful to motivate them. This can be simply done by organizing seminars or conferences where the employer might show them the contribution they are making to the business through hard work.

Creating a sense of community:

Through this endeavor there are more opportunities for the employees for feel more connected with their work, their employer and finally with each other. This is extremely helpful in creating a strong and healthy work culture.

This can be done easily these days using online portals. Other effective ways are to organize parties and picnics and invite the families of the employees there.

Survey the needs of the employees:

Who can tell better what they need for motivation than the employees themselves. This is not so hard to discover. By organizing surveys or offering suggestion boxes the employer can get a clear idea of what the employees need.

Personal Bonding:

Finally, knowing the employees personally help a lot. Once the employer becomes aware of the personal aspects of the employees- starting from their hobbies to their families- it becomes easier to understand what motivates them.

Apart from that, by being aware of their personal need the employer might become able to offer more flexibility to the employees in certain aspects. These little considerations work in favor of motivating them to give their best to the company in future.

Business is based on managing things properly and an employer must know the tricks to motivate their employees to work more efficiently every day. These are the secrets that might prove to be really helpful.