Money saving and management tips for college students

Money saving and management tips for college students
Photo by Stanley Morales from Pexels

College life is definitely expensive. From housing to tuition, from entertainment to food, there is a long list of expenses and the money is limited. But, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy your college life to the fullest. All you need to do is make sensible financial choices. There are several ways in which you can save money without compromising with comfort. Moreover, if you want your parents to treat you like an adult, start behaving like one. So, here are some saving hacks for you during your college years.

  1. Limit buying text books- Text books can be costly and you’re never going to read them once you graduate. So, why should you spend thousands of bucks on new text books each semester? There are various cheaper options such as downloading a PDF file, taking a print out of the PDF file, and purchasing or borrowing old books.
  2. Utilize college events- Hanging out with friends every weekend will make it impossible to save money. Instead of going to concerts or movies, sometimes you can have fun at events happening on campus. Colleges organize multiple interesting events like seminars, exhibitions, live music, and movie nights. You only have to stay informed and rejoice with your closest friends without digging a hole in your pocket.
  3. Don’t own a credit card- A credit card will always give you the feeling that you can borrow money anytime. But, each time you swipe the credit card, you pay extra money in the form of interest. So, the safest option is to not own a credit card.
  4. Keep a piggy bank- A piggy bank can your greatest savior in tough times like month ends. At the end of each day, put some money into your piggy bank. Those coins will add up and save your back.
  5. Cook basic meals- Food is one of the biggest expenses for people who live alone and do not cook. Instead of eating out all the time, you can make simple meals sometimes. Even tea and coffee are over-priced in most places. So, you can invest one time in an electric kettle and make your coffee, boil eggs, and cook instant noodles in your room.
  6. Take advantage of student discount- Always carry your student ID and do not purchase anything before asking for a student discount. From library cards to bus fares, students are given discounts at many places. Even several movie halls, museums, and entertainment centers have special discount packages for students. Very soon you’ll be an earning member of the family. So, enjoy the student’s benefits as long as you can!
  7. Create a savings account- Visit the nearest branch of your bank and open a savings account. Whatever money remains with you after the month is over, send it to your savings account.


We hope you find the above-mentioned tips beneficial. The bottom line is to remember that immediately after college life ends, your professional life will begin. So, you need to learn to save money and become a responsible citizen.